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Although Mortal engine is one of the last flops of the year, it is far away from the only film that falls on its face in 2018. There were many other franchisee expectations, including The Girl in the Spider Web, with the reboot of the original girl Dragon Tattoo series, starring Claire Foy, as Titanic heroine. The film earned $ 14.8 million at the domestic level and $ 19 million internationally, making its total worldwide gross of $ 33 million -- still far from reporting the $ 43 million budget.

There was another film starring Taran Egerton with Robin Hood, Jamie Fox and Jamie Dornan. The reboot of the classic story has earned 73 million dollars worldwide since its release on November 21, its report is a big disappointment against the $ 100 million budget. It was also remembered with a wholesome critique, a thin 16 percent landing on Rotten Tomatoes.

Disney was the highest earning year of the box office for all its major successes. NatCracker and The Four Realms, a reimaging of the classic Holiday Ballet, stumbled in its opening weekend, which was $ 20 million against a $ 125 million budget. “Clearly, this is not the beginning we were looking for, rather it is a great family friendly choice,” said Catalyan Taft, Disney’s President of Variety’s Domestic Distribution. “Sometimes it does not get as much wider as we want.”

In this way, the film has earned around $ 160 million worldwide, is recovering its budget, but Disney is not usually crushing the competition in such a way. Similarly, A Wrinkle In Time started a slow start at the box office, eventually earning $ 132 million and exceeded the $ 100 million budget (the first budget of that size was handled by a black woman director) .

Solo: A Star Wars Story also comes in this area, although it is not flop from a strict financial point of view. The Star Wars Prequel received a great reception on its release compared to Lucasfilm projects, which eventually earned $ 392 million worldwide. For any other film, this is a coup, it is a coup. For a Star Wars movie, this is an indication of the fatigue of the audience, and it can also be something that stops Lucasfilm for future stories of the future.

Beyond the franchise scope, there were a lot of films which flopped on their own. In fact, the deranged murders come in the category of $ 27 million against the $ 40 million budget, as it does with serious malicious life itself. Again, John Travolta, is a rare breed of vehicles that earned $ 4.3 million at the box office and prompted Rotten Tomatoes to make a rare 0 percent rating.

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