Wildfire, the Story of a Horse (Full Western Movie, Classic Feature Film, English) buong pelikula

Wildfire (1945): Western Full Western Movie, Full Length Cowboy Film, English. Buong Pelikula, filem panjang penuh.

Wildfire is a 1945 American Cinecolor Western film directed by Robert Emmett Tansey. The film is also known as Wildfire: The Story of a Horse in the United Kingdom. It was an early film production from Robert L. Lippert.

Two horse traders run into a gang of rustlers who own the town and after stealing their horses, the gang accuses the horse traders of rustling and wants to string them up.

Fanning has his men rustle horses and then blame it on a wild horse named Wildfire. Happy and Alkali arrive and immediately get into trouble with Fanning and his men. When Alkali is shot, Happy catches the outlaws but the Judge not only releases them, he discharges the Sheriff and tries to arrest Happy for rustling. Happy escapes and he and the Sheriff then set out to prove who the real rustlers are.

Director: Robert Emmett Tansey (as Robert Tansey)
Writers: W.C. Tuttle (original story), Frances Kavanaugh (screenplay)
Stars: Bob Steele, Sterling Holloway, John Miljan

The Actors: Bob Steele (Happy Haye), Sterling Holloway (Alkali Jones), John Miljan (PEte Fanning), Eddie Dean (Sheriff Johnny Deal), Virginia Maples (Judy Gordon), Sarah Padden (Aunt Agatha), Gene Alsace (henchman Buck Perry), Francis Ford (Ezra Mills), William Farnum (Judge Polson), William ‘Wee Willie’ Davis (henchman Moose Harris), John Bridges (Jess Stolton), Frank Ellis (rancher Carter), Al Ferguson (henchman Steve Kane), George Morrell (man at church), Hal Price (Doug Holker, head of the cattlemen’s association)

In the 1945 film, the horse named (by Bob Steele) “Wildfire” has the same beauty and intelligence as other screen horses such as the Lone Ranger’s Silver, Fury, Flicka, Black Beauty, and perhaps most importantly, the horse in the Disney film, TONKA (1958), in which Sal Mineo, playing a young Sioux warrior growing to manhood in the 1870s, proves his courage by catching and training a wild pony he names Tonka—“tonka wakan,” “The Great One.” The Mineo character has a deep rapport with the horse, a horse that embodies for the young warrior the values of bravery, strength, grace—and a vast, untamed spirit. The song “Wildfire” also trades on certain occult fantasy elements that can be found, for instance, in the “Metzengerstein” segment of HISTOIRES EXTRAORDINAIRES (1967), a film of Edgar Allan Poe adaptations. The “Metzengerstein” segment features the transmigration of a human soul into a horse. Hence the horse is an ideal object for the projection of human desire, a creature that is both “tamed” (civilized), but also wild—an emblem of Marvell’s oxymoronic “wild civility.”

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