UFO | Flying saucer over UK.

Witness Description:
“I was looking out the window at the sun lowering in the sky and taking photographs. The sky was clear of any visible craft. Then very soon I noticed a bright dash in the sky, similar to a trail, but it didn’t continue. Around that time I saw other trails in the sky, but they were travelling further. I do not know if they were planes or UAP. However, the static one began to catch my interest and so I started filming.
Another one appeared to its right, as a sphere. And this one also revealed itself to be a sphere. With my naked 20/20+ vision eyes, they appeared to have dimples in the middle. They both were changing position, enough for me to notice and alert my husband, to come take a look. He wondered if it were a couple of planets, but I decided to continue to film and assess the footage later. I have been seeing paranormal phenomena and UAP all my life and I felt these were not the usual craft we know as human beings.
Anyway, we were away and I left the photos and footage, then left it for a week, as I thought maybe my husband was right. But, then I did some research at home and realised they weren’t seen at the time you would see the 2 planets, but also, after examining my photos and footage, that I was right in saying they were moving.
Once I examined the footage, it shook me slightly, as they appeared after I had gone to the window, were there for 35 minutes or so and then disappeared. That was after checking the times on my video -- I actually only felt maybe 10 minutes had passed at the time.
I want to know who and what they are.”

Source Link: https://www.mufon.com/
Case Number 98985
Filmed over Weston-super-Mare, UK. 2019-02-26
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