The Promise Part 48 – new Khmer TV movie (no subtitles)

48th episode of a 168-part TV movie series shot by KMF in and around Phnom Penh in 2013.

Based on a gripping story from the Philippines about power, corruption and love, the scenario has been adapted by KMF’s writers to suit the Cambodia cultural context and audience sensitivities. The Promise is now broadcasting peaktime on CTN, Cambodian’s most popular TV channel, running -- at three shows a week -- to July 2014.

Chea Samnang, ‘Samrith’
Ngeth Sovanlita, ‘Riya’ (FB:Ngeth Sovanlits)
Ang Chhay Ti, ‘Satya’ (FB: Chhayti Ang)
Chan Sophannika, ‘Chakriya’ (FB:Babie Love Smile)
Chan Sophany, ‘Dari’
Ny Monineath, ‘Prathna’
Pov Thavy, ‘Sophal’
Vann Phan, ‘Vann’
Yen Reaksmey, ‘Sreylen’
Vy Vuthy, ‘Moth’
Nhim Chanthorn, ‘Chornouen’ (FB: Nhim Chanthorn)
Chan Dari, ‘Narin’
Chim Daravoty, ‘Chanthouen’
Meas Chantha, ‘Chetra’ (FB:Oven Ka)
Meas Vannaksambath, ‘Vanak’ (FB: Berry Straw)

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