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The One 2001 -- Best Action Movies of Jet Li -- Ga Trau TV

With Lethal Weapon 4 and Romeo Must Die under his belt, Jet Li continued breaking through the Hollywood scene and took on a unique role in the sci-fi martial arts film “The One”. Directed by James Wong, “The One” is a highlight in Jet Li’s filmography and career as it features Jet Li portraying both the hero and the villain.

1. Cast
Touching on the idea of a multiverse, “The One” stars Jet Li as a Superman-Bizarro-like pair of roles as protagonist Gabriel “Gabe” Law, a Los Angeles sheriff deputy and antagonist Gabriel Yulaw, Law’s sadistic alter ego from another universe.

“Spy Kids” star Carla Gugino is Law’s wife TK Law. “Romeo Must Die” co-star Delroy Lindo is Multiverse Authority (MVA) agent Harry Rodecker.

Before he was Frank Martin in “The Transporter”, Arthur Bishop in the Mechanic films, or even Lee Christman in “The Expendables”, Jason Statham played a crucial role in “The One” as Rodecker’s partner Evan Funsch, who eventually became Law’s ally.

2. Plot
L.A sheriff deputy Gabriel “Gabe” Law has been experiencing strange and sudden increases in strength, speed and mental intellect over the past two years.

3. Action
The action in “The One” is well-done. Despite some special effects and apparently excessive wire work that make the combat look unrealistic, it is worth keeping in mind that they were probably much-needed for a fantasy science fiction film like this. They still properly accommodate Law and Yulaw’s incredible strengths due to Yulaw’s killing of and life absorption of his alternative selves. More importantly, choreographer Corey Yuen takes a brilliant approach to the fights by touching on the concept of Yin-Yang and having Gabe and Yulaw practice distinct martial arts styles that represent their respective personalities.

4. Summary
“The One” (ahem) thing you can say about “The One” is that it certainly offers something uniquely (albeit at times cringe worthily!) entertaining.

Implementing the interesting concept of Yin Yang in the action and boasting a memorable and noteworthy duel between bipolar twins, “The One” is a film that Jet Li fans should check out.

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