Salesforce1 Mobile Tips & Tricks for Admins


Salesforce Admins, now is your time to become the hero of mobile! Empower your users to work smarter when they are out in the field by making your Salesforce applications available on their mobile device. From reducing load time on opportunities to creating custom templates, we’ve got the tips, tricks and real-life stories that will make your life easier and your users happy. Join us to put your existing point & click skills to work.

This webinar is part of a series focusing on new and existing Salesforce1 Mobile App features. If you are ready to supercharge your career and make an impact at your company, join us!

Key Takeaways:

::Learn how to leverage your existing admin and declarative development skills to customize Salesforce1 Mobile Apps
::Solve common challenges, both technically and organizationally, as you prepare your Salesforce1 Mobile App rollout
::Hear best practices and advice from other admins just like you

Intended Audience:

Salesforce Administrators

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