RESTRICTED RIDE (2014) – Short film featuring Canadian pro dirtbiker Jarrett May

RESTRICTED RIDE (2014) is a “no-budget” short film that is the result of a collaboration between Canadian pro endurance dirtbiker Jarrett May and myself, Ruben Swart, an upcoming filmmaker from The Netherlands.


Watch Jarrett May, one of the best top dirtbikers from Canada do his thing in this short action film with a science-fiction tint.

During my time in Canada I got the great opportunity to work with Jarrett May and create a short film, which combines the sports of (endurance) dirtbiking and the skillset of Vancouver Island based Jarrett May with my vision about a mysterious science-fiction setting.
This film is a NO BUDGET and NO CREW film, and it was basically me writing, conceptualizing, directing, filming, editing, visual effects and doing the sound effects and Jarrett making time to show off his amazing skills on his dirtbike. We only got someone to ride the car (Jarrett’s lovely wife Dorothy) and someone to fly the camera drone. For all the rest it was me and my Sony NEX-7 DSLR and Jarrett and his KTM bike.

The project took about 19 weeks, with the first 7 weeks I was writing the script, drawing the storyboard, making an animatic and making test footage. Then principal photography was only about two and a half days, with a total of 10 hours of filming. We missed out on a day of shooting, so I had to come up with some editing tricks and extra fill footage to fill in the missing footage and make the story work.
The last 10/11 weeks I was constantly editing and doing the visual effects and CGI. Some of the 3D models were provided by TurboSquid and some I made myself.

It was a great ride (no pun intended!) and working with Jarrett was amazing, no wonder why he is one of the top riders in Canada. We had a great time making this film and I learned a lot from it.

Hope you enjoyed the video!

Special shout out to who made this possible:
-- Spunky’s Motorcycle Shop --
-- Ride Industries --
-- Lake Country Coffee House --

Jarrett May’s profile:

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