Proudly Canadian with a TRUE Indian Heart _John Jofin’s Short Movie -Based on True EVENTS..

Proudly Canadian!… With a TRUE Indian Heart..
It was yet another day for me to drop off my little daughter to her School in Canada.
I got a chance to attend the rendering of National Anthem of Canada during their school assembly.
I stood up with my daughter in full attention of ‘O Canada’ in the same way as I used to stand during my school assembly in India.
Listening to the Anthem made me realize how much I do LOVE both Canada and India …
It’s a short movie to record my greatest level of RESPECT and LOVE for both India and Canada
Always PROUD to be a Canadian and Indian at the same time
I LOVE YOU CANADA & INDIA , just like I LOVE my Mom…
Till my last day, I shall stand on GUARD for Thee.”

JOHN JOFIN CPA, CGA (Canada), MBA, ACCA (UK),, (India)


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Thanks ALL…

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