Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: Ending Explained Breakdown & Real Life VS The Movie | SPOILER REVIEW

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: Ending Explained Breakdown & Real Life VS The Movie | SPOILER REVIEW by deffinition, Sharon Tate, Quentin Tarantino, Margot Robbie, Leonardo Di Caprio, Bradd Pitt, Story, Ending, Real Life VS The Movie, Fact Vs Fiction

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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Plot Recap

Once Upon A Time is set to the backdrop of the infamous Manson Murders, particularly the death of Sharon Tate. However, the film is some what satirical and similar to Inglorious Basterds, the film gives the truth a rather more Hollywood ending.

The film itself follows Rick Dalton and his friend Cliff Booth played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt respectively. Dalton was once at the top of his game, however all good things must come to an end and his career seems like it’s going on a complete downward spiral. The film chronicles his journey to what he thinks is the bottom rung of the ladder and along the way he and Booth bump into the likes of many big real names in Hollywood including Bruce Lee.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Ending
During the bender, Rick who is sick and tired of all the hippies goes face to face with the killers who have parked up outside the houses and he warns orders them to leave, which they do.

That doesn’t mean it’s over though and the group of murderers come up with a new plan on Manson’s orders to kill Rick instead. To them, it doesn’t really matter who the target is as long as their message is spread so they head back to his house.

The killers return to the house but what we get instead of some brutal murders is some over the top, highly graphic violence that has its tongue placed firmly in its cheek. It’s all-out war with Rick his wife, Cliff and the dog all getting into it with the acolytes.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Ending Explained
But what does it all mean, well to me the entire film is a quest for fame and how in order to get it and hold onto it we have to do terrible things. Dalton, Booth and even the Mansons are all focused solely on gaining recognition and trying to keep a hold of it as tightly as possible and to me this symbolises just how Hollywood subverts the innocent in exchange for status.

The movie business as a whole is all about the flavor of the month and in the film, even though Tate is currently popular, we get the feeling that deep down she knows that she won’t be forever.

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