Modern Sonic V.S. Movie Sonic – The Race – ALTERNATE ENDING [Animation] ソニック v. ソニック

The last race gave a depiction of what a race would look like between Modern Sonic and Movie Sonic if they only used their natural abilities. But what if it included their respective items? Wouldn’t be a fair fight, right? Watch this fun and short video to find out!

Animation Tool: MikuMikuDance
Modern Sonic and Movie Sonic models by SN495 & BlueXBlur
Boom Sonic model by YelenBrownRaccoon
Knuckles The Echidna model by SAB64
Inside the Moon stage by JuleHyrule
Flowered Forest stage by Clyriss

Music used:
Silvagunner -- Game Over
Sonic Unleashed -- Victory
Sonic Unleashed -- Intro
Bentley Jones X Crush 40 -- Open Your Heart Remix
Sonic 3 -- Knuckles Theme
Sonic CD -- Cosmic Eternity
Crush 40 -- Open Your Heart K-Klub Remix
Sonic Colors -- Terminal Velocity Act 2
Sonic R -- Diamond in the Sky

Sonic The Hedgehog belongs to SEGA(c)

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