Lovers & Liars – 1980s Romantic Comedy Movie (Full Length)

Lovers & Liars - 1980s Romantic Comedy Movie (Full Length)

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American actress on vacation in Italy falls for her friend’s married Italian lover.

Scrappy Italian comedy is made up of bits and pieces, never quite coming together. Goldie Hawn (vivacious as ever) is an American actress vacationing in Rome who gets mixed up with her friend’s married lover (a smoldering Giancarlo Giannini).

They have little screwball mishaps and misunderstandings before making hot love in a hammock (although on US prints of the movie, there’s an intrusive cut-away just as this scene heats up--perhaps there is an Italian version that Americans aren’t ‘mature’ enough to see?).

Hawn is in scatterbrain-mode, and I got a little tired of her whining about her cat, but she has fine moments too and works well with Giancarlo.

There’s a funny scene near the beginning when GG visits his current lover and finds her undressed--surprised, she grabs the first thing she can find to cover herself, which is of course a poster of herself naked!

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