Hungarian Folk Tales: Stone Soup


The soldier returning from the war in ragged clothes starts to beg alms in the village but nobody takes pity on him. Then he has recourse to a stratagem. He asks an old woman for a pot and water to cook a soup from a stone. He swindles salt, fat, sausage and potato after the other out of the woman so the “stone soup” becomes finished.

Made by the Kecskemét Film Studio.
Directed by: Marcell Jankovics, Balázs Pál Nagy
Storyteller: Gyula Szabó
Music: Kaláka band

The Hungarian Folk Tales stem from original folktale collections, every episode has its special authentic ornamentation. The makers used the decorative art of a certain countryside region at each episode. The trio of folk art, folk music and folk tales are masterfully combined in the episodes, which have unique imagery, sometimes spicy folk humor in the dialogues. Thanks to the natural presentation of the storytellers, and the music of the Kaláka band, the viewer can experience something unique and special.


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