Cartoon, TV, Movie, Gaming Voice Impressions 1

If you’ve ever met me and wondered exactly what’s going on in my head every moment I’m even vaguely conscious, here’s your answer. A cornucoperie of mix-and-match obscure and VERY obscure pop culture. Brace yourself, there’s definitely a follow-up coming. And if you have any suggestions, please tell me! My Nigel Thornberry laugh is something I JUST started working on-- same with my Orson Welles.

Voices from…
Phineas and Ferb
Hey Arnold!
Yu-Gi-Oh! the Abridged Series
Dexter’s Laboratory
The Powerpuff Girls
Homestar Runner
and more!

Also, if the Droopy impression and the technique looks familiar, it’s because you’re awesome, and I’m actually NOT doing a Droopy impression, but an impression of YouTube superstar filmguru ( ) doing an impression of Droopy.

Oh-- and some of these are original voices-- most specifically, the voices for BONE characters were voices I just read the comic book aloud in and thought they would be fun to share.

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