“Ticket to Jasper” is a 1947 film presented by Canadian National Railways (:11) for The National Film Board of Canada (:28). It opens with stunning footage of the Canadian Rockies which had once been known as The Shining Mountain (:54). Below the mountains run the Athabasca River (:58) and old records of the river are shown by pioneers such as Gabrielle Frenshore’s ‘Voyage’ and David Thompson’s Narrative of his explorations in Western America (1:12-1:16). A map is shown depicting the old trade routes (1:41) and Jasper National Park (1:50) is pinpointed. The Canadian National railways cut through the park (1:59) and an actual train running below the mountains are shown (2:07). Jasper Howes; a Missouri trapper, is for whom the village had been named for (2:37). In place of his old home is now the meeting place of the transcontinental train (3:02). Beside the railway station, stands a 65-foot totem pole (3:49) and the Jasper Park lodge appears after (4:02). Three miles from here is the shore of Black Bull (4:11) and tourists paddle around in canoes. The equipment for a technicolor crew is depicted as many travelled here for picturesque shots (6:01). The sprawling park is 4,200 square miles (6:19). Wooden signs reading ‘Information Bureau’ and ‘Administration Building’ lead to those who maintain the modern highways and 800 miles of trails (6:40). Horses are saddled up as riders embark on a breakfast ride on one of the many trails (7:19). A sign for Maligne Canyon (8:07) is followed by Maligne Lake (8:56). Mount Edith Cavell had been named after a British nurse of WW1 (10:35) and the Lake of Forgiveness rests below. At (10:56) the source of the Athabasca River appears. Seventy-five miles from Jasper Village is the massive glacier which is the beginning of the waters (12:11). These are the massive Columbia Icefields (12:30). World famous mountain climbers and members of the Canadian Alpine Club travel here (14:57). The conclusion draws near with stunning views of the lands that have been altered much over the years (16:37). A promotional slogan for Canadian National Railway appears at the end screen (20:19).

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