Canadian Caper: 6 Americans escape from Iran with the help from the CIA and the Canadian Embassy.wmv

Canadian Caper: 6 Americans escape from Iran with the help from the CIA and the Canadian Embassy.wmv

This video was made in 1980 to describe the escape from Iran by 6 Americans who were United States Embassy Employees.
Those Americans who were rescued by Canada through the Canadian Embassy in Tehran are:
Mark Lijek and his wife Cora
Joseph Stafford and his wife Kathleen
Robert Anders
Lee Schatz

The Canadien Ambassador was named Ken Taylor, and what he and his staff at the Embassy did was risk their life to rescue our people, and America owes Canada a great thanks!

Recently, Canadian Immigration offical John Sheardown passed away. He was also one of the Canadian diplomats involved in rescuing Americans, and he and his family have my heartfelt thanks!

Their escape story is now a major motion picture titled, ARGO, and opens in theaters on October 12, 2012.

These Americans escaped while the embassy in Tehran, Iran was being overrun by Iranian communists, students, and religious zealots who were trying to assault the embassy and planned on holding our American dipomats as hostage for a few days. As the assault on the embassy unfolded and the Ayatollah Khomenie approved more and more of the events, our American diplomats and Marine Security guards remained as hostages for 444 days while being tortured to various degrees, beaten, mock executions, and imprisoned with no contact with the outside world except as propaganda.

A brave attempt to rescue our Americans was attempted on April 24-25 1980, but ended tragically in a crash at a location known as Desert One in Iran, an advanced staging area in the Dasht-e-Kavir region of Iran, 200 miles from Teheran.

8 American servicemen died in that crash. Those men are:
Sgt John Harvey, USMC
Cpl George Holmes, USMC
SSgt Dewey Johnson, USMC
Major Harold Bakke, USAF
Major Harold Lewis, USAF
Captain Lyn Macintosh, USAF
TSgt Joel Mayo, USAF
Captain Charles T. Macmillan, USAF

A complete list of the hostages who remained captive and held illegally by Iran can be found here:

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