मेरी मोहब्बत मेरा नसीब – Meri Mohabbat Mera Naseeba 1995 – Romantic Movie | Mohnish Bahl, Ravi Behl

Director: Kamal Sahni
Producer: T.S. Saluja
Genre: Romance
Music: Anand Chitragupth
Year: 1995
Cast: Mohnish Bahl, Ravi Behl, Shafi Inamdar

Synopsis: This is the story of two innocent lovers who want to become one forever & ever. But the twist & turns of fate put them in such situations that they are surrounded by on all sides and followed by killers eyes wherever they go! Then how is love possible? How can they build the temple of love on the foundation of swords & axes. . Suran (Ravi Behl) is the son of a rich and famous business tycoon (Shafi Inamdar) of the city. Surajs father wants him to marry his business partners daughter Pinki (Sargam). But Suraj loves a girl called Kiran (Sanchi). Misunderstandings are possible in love. And one misunderstanding seperates them. Kirans father is a cancer patient and under circumstances she has been sold to a place called “Phoolmahal” which is a brothel. And it is owned by “DON” called by “Sababji”. This place is one-way place, no girl can ever get out of it and if anyone tries then Teja (Puneet Essar) gives them third-degre torture so that the other girls dont try to do the same. In “PhoolMahal”, there is one flower called Poonam (Sujata Mehta) who is in love with the incharge Raj (Mohnish Behl). Raj also loves her but doesnt accept because he is scared of Sahabji. Poonam feels sympathy for Kiran and make her, her younger sister. There, Suraj cant forget Kiran and somehow reaches “PhoolMahal”, inspite of very dangerous situations. Poonam and one good Muslim called Abdulla chacha (Anupam Kher) help Suraj in saving Kirans Sancity and life & Suraj runs off with her. . Teja beats up Poonam very badly for this. Raj comes in between and beats up Teja and he is badly wounded. That is when Sahabji enters and kills Poonams lover Raj for this treachery. And, gave Poonam a life worse then death by sending her to the Head of bandits “Babbar” (Jugraj) who does all his dirty works, dacoity & supply of girls to Sahabji. . Suraj and Kiran goes to the temple and the Pandit fixes the wedding date. And then one day after searching a lot Teja finds the two of them and covers them with his henchmen. But before they can harm them Baadal (Suresh Oberoi) comes in between & saves them. Baddal searching for the person who raped his sister Minu (Sudha Chandran). Two days before the wedding Suraj is again held by Teja & Babbar. And he is badly tortured at Babbars Den. And then the horrible truth comes out.

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